This Woman Put A Camera In Her Bra To See How Many People Stared At Her Boobs


#1 A Woman Fitted A Special Bra With A Hidden Camera To Track Just How Many Eyes Were Looking At Her Breasts Every Day

#2 Designed For Her By Nestle, The Special Bra Was Made To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness By Showing That Your Breasts Are Always Getting Scooped

#3 The Button Camera Is WornUnder Her Sweater As She Travels The City, Clicking And Numbering Each Time A Persons Eyes Make Contact

#4 Right Off The Bat She Has Men Ogling Her Cleavage, Which Means They Are Staring At Her Breasts

#5 She Makes Her Way Around The City And The Number Of Breast Gawkers Keep Raking Up

#6 Even Women Couldn’t Resist Taking A Peek At The Beautiful Pink Garment Under That Sweater

#7 A Little baby Was Caught Staring At Her Breasts As Well, But Maybe She Was Hungry

#8 This Guy Proves That Subtlety Is An Art That Can Be Truly Mastered

#9 Calm Down Fido. A Few Real Dogs Even Had To Take A Peek

#10 This Baker Was Thinking Of Pasties Instead Of Pastries

#11 This Subway Rider Gave Up His Seat For The Woman But Never Looked Her In The Eyes

#12 Altogether Her Bra Cam Captured 38 Peekers Staring At Her Breasts In Just A Few Hours

#13 Humans Are The Only Mammals That Show Interest In Breasts In A Sexual Context

Nestle developed the ad campaign as a way to get women to check their breasts regularly for signs of cancer. The idea is that if everyone else checks out your chest, then you should too.



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