This Baby Was Born With A Swollen Head But Look At Him Now 6 Years Later.


#1 When Jillian Hartman became pregnant, she and her husband were thrilled.

#2 Just 19 weeks into the pregnancy, doctors noticed there was something wrong.

#3 The little boy had hydrocephalus, and doctors recommended that Jillian terminate the pregnancy.

#4 Jillian refused an abortion and gave birth to Robert.

#5 The boy needed extensive surgeries early in life, but now he’s doing great.

#6 After numerous surgeries Robert is surpassing all of the doctors’ expectations to the delight of his parents.

#7 Doctors predicted that even if Robert did survive he’d probably have zero life quality. Boy were those doctors wrong.

#8 Today, Robert is six years old and in the first grade. He is bright, fun-loving and musical.

With prayer, medical attention, love — and two different helmets to help shape his head — Robert continues to make incredible progress.

“Right now he has a wheelchair and a walker,” Jillian told LittleThings. “He is very strong-willed and likes to move his own chair. He gets frustrated when others try and push it!”




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