Shay Maria and Adrianna Christina, Zero Photoshop (17 HQ Photos)


Without a photographer named Cavan Clark theCHIVE as you know it really wouldn’t exist today. I’ve written extensively on Cavan’s influence on theCHIVE here: Partial Nudity: The Story of Cavan Clark.

In those bygone days in Venice Beach, Cavan was our next door neighbor. He occupied the beachfront loft, we had the back lofts facing the Speedway alley. Back then Cavan was the lead photographer for Bebe Clothing. I remember a constant parade of supermodels in and out of his loft. We never closed the shades at our place, I’ll say that much.

We were just learning how to shoot back then, we were terrible but determined. Cavan stepped in to help. Cavan got us our first camera kit, taught us lighting in his free time. Even shot some of our early galleries including this Shay Maria Gallery. He never asked for a thing in return.

Then one day in 2009 Cavan walked in, announced he was moving to San Francisco, and handed us the keys to that now-famous Venice Beach Chive HQ. “It’s yours now, boys, treat it like a character in a show, open door policy, no tops after midnight.” Love that guy.

Above all things, Cavan laught us not to rely on photoshop. “Pretend photoshop doesn’t exist when you shoot, it will help you focus on your angles, composition, and lighting much better.”

Cavan is back and did a photoshoot recently with models Shay Maria and Adrianna Christina. Enjoy the natural beauty of these women without the airbrush. Zero photoshop.

Cavan’s Instagram!

Shay Maria’s Instagram!

Adrianna Christina’s Instagram!


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