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10 Reasons Why Brotherly Love Is Both A Blessing And A Curse



The fight for bathroom is as old as time.


Because that’s what the big brother is for.


How epic is that?


Every time when she tries to take a cute picture with her brother being around.


My sister just got married, she asked me to save her a newspaper from her


How unfortunate is that?


She’s nailing it.


How do you tell her?


We doubt if it’s possible.


“I thought I was the only one.”

This Woman Put A Camera In Her Bra To See How Many People Stared At Her Boobs


#1 A Woman Fitted A Special Bra With A Hidden Camera To Track Just How Many Eyes Were Looking At Her Breasts Every Day

#2 Designed For Her By Nestle, The Special Bra Was Made To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness By Showing That Your Breasts Are Always Getting Scooped

#3 The Button Camera Is WornUnder Her Sweater As She Travels The City, Clicking And Numbering Each Time A Persons Eyes Make Contact

#4 Right Off The Bat She Has Men Ogling Her Cleavage, Which Means They Are Staring At Her Breasts

#5 She Makes Her Way Around The City And The Number Of Breast Gawkers Keep Raking Up

#6 Even Women Couldn’t Resist Taking A Peek At The Beautiful Pink Garment Under That Sweater

#7 A Little baby Was Caught Staring At Her Breasts As Well, But Maybe She Was Hungry

#8 This Guy Proves That Subtlety Is An Art That Can Be Truly Mastered

#9 Calm Down Fido. A Few Real Dogs Even Had To Take A Peek

#10 This Baker Was Thinking Of Pasties Instead Of Pastries

#11 This Subway Rider Gave Up His Seat For The Woman But Never Looked Her In The Eyes

#12 Altogether Her Bra Cam Captured 38 Peekers Staring At Her Breasts In Just A Few Hours

#13 Humans Are The Only Mammals That Show Interest In Breasts In A Sexual Context

Nestle developed the ad campaign as a way to get women to check their breasts regularly for signs of cancer. The idea is that if everyone else checks out your chest, then you should too.


Katy Perry Walked Topless On Streets And The Pictures Are Trending All Over


#1 Voting Naked

Katy Perry has gone viral with her nude pics as she goes all out, and all nude, to make a point about anyone voting in any condition they choose.

#2 Nude

Here we see her going to vote in her birthday suit.

#3 Making Her Point

She is not ashamed to make her point this way.

#4 Just Out Of Bed

He tells people that they can come anyway they choose.

#5 Just Vote

Just got up, coming from the gym, or a construction site? Just go vote. That’s her message.

#6 Get Out And Vote

But who is Katy voting for? Who do you think?

#7 Not All Happy

Not everyone was happy with her voting promotion.


This Baby Was Born With A Swollen Head But Look At Him Now 6 Years Later.


#1 When Jillian Hartman became pregnant, she and her husband were thrilled.

#2 Just 19 weeks into the pregnancy, doctors noticed there was something wrong.

#3 The little boy had hydrocephalus, and doctors recommended that Jillian terminate the pregnancy.

#4 Jillian refused an abortion and gave birth to Robert.

#5 The boy needed extensive surgeries early in life, but now he’s doing great.

#6 After numerous surgeries Robert is surpassing all of the doctors’ expectations to the delight of his parents.

#7 Doctors predicted that even if Robert did survive he’d probably have zero life quality. Boy were those doctors wrong.

#8 Today, Robert is six years old and in the first grade. He is bright, fun-loving and musical.

With prayer, medical attention, love — and two different helmets to help shape his head — Robert continues to make incredible progress.

“Right now he has a wheelchair and a walker,” Jillian told LittleThings. “He is very strong-willed and likes to move his own chair. He gets frustrated when others try and push it!”



What Lady Gaga ACTUALLY Looks Like


#1 In Her Natural Glory

Wow, the biggest surprise here is that Gaga is pretty. . . like VERY naturally pretty.

#2 On Her Social Media

One would think the star spends more time getting made up to go out in public then one can even imagine, so when no-makeup selfies posted to her Twitter, fans noticed.

#3 Behind The Makeup

Have you ever wondered if the Queen of Pop used makeup, wigs and meat dresses to distract that she’s NO great beauty? . . If so, that theory can now be put to rest.

#4 Before & After

Mother Monster constantly surprises fans with crazy make-up and hairstyles, so it’s super refreshing to see her in plain physical form.

#5 Photoshop?

Of course, as with many celebs. . . did you ever think Gaga or gossip magazines make paparazzi Photoshop her pics so that she appears more attractive to fans?

#6 NO Photoshop

With one selfie snap on her camera phone, the Mother Monster proves she can look hot without being “shopped”!

#7 A Fashion Shot

This pic was part of a published fashion shot where Gaga bared all for an issue of BAZAAR. She was quoted saying, “Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.” Gotta love that!

This Bodybuilder Took Massive Doses Of Steroids. Here’s What She Looks Like These Days


#1 Nancy Reagan warned us to “just say no.”

But one bodybuilder didn’t heed Mrs. Reagan’s warning.


#2 Denise Rutkowski strived for the ultimate bodybuilder’s body.

And she decided that getting there naturally was impossible.

#3 So Rutkowski began a regimen of massive amounts of steroids.

At first, Rutkowski enjoyed both success and accolades as a bodybuilder.

#4 Rutkowski was a champion in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

From 1988 to 1993, Rutkowski took first place in 8 major professional bodybuilding competitions.

#5 In 1993, Rutkowski won silver at the international Miss Olympia contest.

It would prove to be Rutkowski’s high-point on the professional bodybuilding circuit.

#6 In 1994, Rutkowski decided to leave bodybuilding behind.

She enrolled in a Bible College with plans to become a minister.

#7 But by then, chemical dependency had already set in for Rutkowski.

Her life spiraled out of control. In addition to abusing steroids in a vain effort to return as a professional bodybuilder, Rutkowski was abusing other substances as well.

#8 No doubt Rutkowski began to wonder whether her foray into the world of professional bodybuilding was worth it.

Before she started competing in 1988, she had been a healthy and happy young woman.

#9 Rutkowski is now getting her life back together and onto a positive direction.

She’s in recovery and working toward physical fitness the natural way.


This Guy Touches His Girlfriend’s Bra And What He Does Next Is The Dream Of Every Boyfriend!


#1 The Bra Master

YouTube vlogger ViralBrother Erik says he’s the fastest at unhooking a bra…and he’s here to prove it on his girlfriend.

#2 The Trick

But just how does he get her bra off with such ease? Well sit back and watch…

#3 The Clip

First you want to place your palm on the clip.

#4 The Pointer

Put your pointer finger behind the clip…

#5 Squeeze

Take your thumb on the other side of the bra and squeeze

#6 Like Magic

And just like that, your girl is braless!


Here Is Everything You Should Know About Melania Trump


#1 Melania Trump

Born in Sloviania, Yugoslavia, Melania began modeling at the age of 16 and just two years later was signed to an Italian modeling agency.

#2 Talent And Beauty

The beauty is also talented, running her own business and speaking 5 languages that include, Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German.

#3 International Model

Melania is an international model and 24 years her husband’s junior.

#4 Third Wife

After Donald Trump divorced his second wife, Marla Maples, he met Melania in 1998, marrying her in 2005.

#5 Step Chldren and Step Grandchildren

At the age of 45 she has four step children through Donald; three children from Donald’s first wife, Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, and one daughter from Donald’s second wife, Tiffany. There are also grandchildren from the three oldest Trump siblings.

#6 Age Difference

Strangely enough, Melania is only 7 years older than Donald’s oldest son, Don.

#7 Cover Model

Melania posed for the cover of Sports Illustrated, GQ, and other magazines. Now she is poised to be the second foreign born first lady of the United States.


Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister Looks Totally Different Now


Miley was 14 when she starred in the insanely popular Hannah Montana. Her youngest sister, Noah, was just six years old at the time.

Noah has dipped her toe into the acting world as well. She appeared on Doc when she was just two years old. Her dad, Billy Ray, starred on the show.

She also appeared in six episodes of Hannah Montana, but just as minor parts.

She’s good friends with Frankie Jonas, the youngest brother of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas.

And now, this is what she looks like! She’s growing to look just like her big sister.

No seriously, they’re the same person.

It’s really nice to see that after all these years, they’re still really close.

It seems as though she bypassed the awkward teenage years and turned into a young adult overnight.

She’ll be 17 years old in a few months and while she never got as much into acting as Miley did, she still appeared in a few small roles here and there.

She also just landed herself a record deal that could have her earning over a million dollars if it’s a success.


When you think about what you were earning at 16 years old, it kind of makes you super jealous, no?


When Flexible Women Wear Yoga Pants


Super Flexible

Lucky for her those yoga pants stretch with her, but unlucky for her, it accentuates her camel toe.

See Through

Yoga pants are great for stretching, but then there’s stretching them so far that they’re see through.

Strehing At Home

Now that’s putting yoga pants to good use.

Balance And Form

This girl has got some great balance. Maybe it’s because she’s got two large objects holding her center of gravity.

Walll Hand stand

A great view for anyone watching, but good for her hamstrings.


It’s always fun to have your BFF to help with your stretching.

Walk Over

This girl really knows how to get the best out of her yoga pants.

Toe Touch

She’s got it down. Very flexible girl.


This girl is folded in half. Her yoga training is doing her good.

Yoga Shorts

And since yoga pants get all the praise, let’s raise our glasses to yoga shorts and stretching.