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10 International Films That Got banned in “Most Countries”


The Censor Board of India has often been in the news becasue of its conservative outlook, and it has often been debated whether this behavious of their’s results in any loss to the world of cinematic art or not. Because of the reservations that it holds, several films have faced a hard time in getting the approval of the censor board to be released in India. And this particularly applies to several western films which are more into employing explictily expressive scenes. While many films are finally able to pass the board’s test, there are some that don’t turn out as lucky, and end up getting banned in the country altogether. And here are ten of them.


1. Fifty Shades of Grey


Being the good Indians that the censor board members are, this film was not allowed to be released in India due to its heavy sex-centric scenes.

2. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The explicit scenes that depicted rape and torture led to the movie getting banned in India.

3. Dirty Grandpa

This film was not allowed to be released as the film’s ‘grandpa’ was a sleazy old man – and that’s just not acceptable, is it?

4. Magic Mike XXL

So, here’s a movie that was about male stripping. Well, at least the censor board is not sexist about their decisions – they are just as conservative when it comes to male skin show as they are with female skin show!

5. Get Hard

Now, here’s an example of just how fearful the Censor Board has become – days before its premiere, Warner Brothers decided to simply withdraw their movie’s India release because they were afraid of the kinds of cuts the board would invariably ask them to make, if they ever wish to see their movie go on the Indian floor!

6. Blue Jasmine

The Censor Board insists that every time a character lights up a cigarette, a message needs to be put up on screen, warning against it. But the director, Woody Allen, refused to do so with Blue Jasmine, and that led to the movie not being released in India.

7. Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love

The ‘India is the origin of Kama Sutra’ did not impress the board members who did not allow the film to go on the floor. It was, however, later released with a 2-minute cut of nudity.

8. Water

The film depicted the social challenges that a widow faces. However, even during its shooting, it faced strong opposition from protestors, and the same ensued when it went to the censor board.

9. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

The movie depicted Hinduism in the negative light, which offended many and was hence not allowed to be released in India

10. The Da Vinci Code

Because the film depicted Christianity in the negative light, there was a hue outcry from the Christians in the country to ban it, which was finally done.

Amazing Sideboob Selfies Of Girls Is The New Trend (35 Photos)


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9 Oral Sex Positions You Need in Your Life


Most women can’t get off from penetration alone (and dudes love BJs) so oral sex is a staple of every rocking bedroom. Use these hot oral sex positions as foreplay or as the main event.

All Hail the Queen

The key to face-sitting is not actually sitting on his face unless you want to literally have a killer vagina. Straddle his head and give yourself a light thigh workout holding yourself a couple inches above his face while he goes down on you. He can reach up and hold onto your butt and hips, because who doesn’t like grabbing a butt?

Doggy Goes Oral

Not only is this a totally hot oral position that puts you in control of the angle and pressure, it’s also a good segue into the world of anilingus, if that’s something you’re into.

So-fa So Good

Have your guy lie upside down on the couch, with his back and head on the seat and his legs draped over the back. Kneel over his face, facing the back of the couch. Then bend over and 69 away. Much more relaxing than an awkward, limb-flailing 69 in bed, isn’t it?

The Spiderman

Blow jobs don’t normally give guys much of a view, but this position gives him a full, stunning vista of your hot body. Lie on your back on the bed with your head hanging off the edge. Have him stand behind you and lean forward so you can take his penis in your hands and mouth, upside down. Bonus: he’s also in prime position to finger your nipples or clit while you go down (up?) on him.

The Leg-Up

Women usually have one side of their vulva that’s more sensitive than the other, so choose which leg you’ll hold up wisely, letting the other one dangle over the edge of the bed. He can lick figure-8s up and down the exposed side of your vulva until you spontaneously bust out in Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.

The Sidecar

Lay on your sides facing each other, then slide down until his penis is, well, in your face. Call it the lazy woman’s blow job. This position is the best way to give him pleasure without killing your knees or getting a major neck cramp, and you can also get saucy by reaching around to play with his back door.

The Deep V

Try this position if you have trouble staying in the mindset to come. Lie back on the edge of the bed and grab your thighs, holding your legs out in a V-shape. (Not-so-flexible girl version: bend them at the knee.) Have him go down on you, using his hands to lightly massage your inner thighs, bringing more blood to your ~*~VuLvA~*~. The massage also helps keep you in the moment so your orgasm is scream-inducing.

The Cliffhanger

Sit on the edge of the bed and lay back with your legs draped over the edge. When he kneels between your legs, his head will be angled down towards your vagina, giving him direct access to your clitoris. This one also leaves his hands free to play with your nipples or finger you for double pleasure.

The Corkscrew

Have him stand while you kneel in front of him. Hold the base of his penis with both hands, take him in your mouth, and tilt your head slowly from side to side as you work your way up and down his shaft. To up the ante, twist your hands back and forth like you’re adjusting a camera lens.

Wrong Number Texts That Turned Awesome


#1 She wants to know how her new Bikini looks.

#2 It took her 6 hours to realize her mistake.

#3 He was at least honest in the end.

#4 Well that’s one way to respond to a wrong number

#5 You are not the father…

As if announcing you are pregnant isn’t nerve wracking enough.

#6 Not the best lead off.

Wait, you’re not Amanda?

#7 What, what in the butt.

Dude should have waited a little longer before revealing the truth.

Drunk People Who Failed So Bad That It Might Make You Feel Better About Yourself


#1 Night Night

When your entire body is numb…so concrete feels like your bed!

#2 So Close Yet So Far

He did all that to get in…and still didn’t make it to the bed!

#3 Cozy Table

He brought his table to keep him warm at the sleepover…

#4 Personal Pillowsmore than once…

She’s passed out drunk

#5 Hang In There

Where can we buy that shirt? Because it is TOUGH!

#6 Going Down

Perhaps he should just sleep on the stairs…

#7 Drunk Mommy

Kids, mommies fine, she’s just trying to get her quarter!


The World’s Highest Paid Models Make Insane Money In One Year (19 Photos)


Jourdan Dunn – $3.5 million

Kate Upton – $3.5 million

Hilary Rhode $3.5 million

Kendall Jenner – $4 million

Daria Werbowy – $4.5 million

Liu Wen – $4.5 million

Kate Moss – $4.5 million

Carolyn Murphy – $4.5 million

Karlie Kloss – $5 million

Candice Swanepoel – $5 million

Alessandra Ambrosio – $5 million

Lara Stone – $5 million

Joan Smalls – $5.5 million

Miranda Kerr – $5.5 million

Natalia Vodianova – $7 million

Doutzen Kroes – $7.5 million

Cara Delevingne – $9 million

Adriana Lima – $9 million

Gisele Bundchen – $44 million

Shay Maria and Adrianna Christina, Zero Photoshop (17 HQ Photos)


Without a photographer named Cavan Clark theCHIVE as you know it really wouldn’t exist today. I’ve written extensively on Cavan’s influence on theCHIVE here: Partial Nudity: The Story of Cavan Clark.

In those bygone days in Venice Beach, Cavan was our next door neighbor. He occupied the beachfront loft, we had the back lofts facing the Speedway alley. Back then Cavan was the lead photographer for Bebe Clothing. I remember a constant parade of supermodels in and out of his loft. We never closed the shades at our place, I’ll say that much.

We were just learning how to shoot back then, we were terrible but determined. Cavan stepped in to help. Cavan got us our first camera kit, taught us lighting in his free time. Even shot some of our early galleries including this Shay Maria Gallery. He never asked for a thing in return.

Then one day in 2009 Cavan walked in, announced he was moving to San Francisco, and handed us the keys to that now-famous Venice Beach Chive HQ. “It’s yours now, boys, treat it like a character in a show, open door policy, no tops after midnight.” Love that guy.

Above all things, Cavan laught us not to rely on photoshop. “Pretend photoshop doesn’t exist when you shoot, it will help you focus on your angles, composition, and lighting much better.”

Cavan is back and did a photoshoot recently with models Shay Maria and Adrianna Christina. Enjoy the natural beauty of these women without the airbrush. Zero photoshop.

Cavan’s Instagram!

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