How To Give A Nipplegasm


Breasts are sexualized by many and are the focus of many’s sexual fantasies. They’re also a highly sensitive body part, and it’s been proven that nipple stimulation alone can lead to a mind blowing orgasm. Arousal from nipple stimulation isn’t rare, but the right state of mind and stimulation can lead to an actual nipplegasm. Nipplegasms are on the rise, so try it out and don’t miss out on causing or receiving this alternate orgasm. Here’s how to give a nipplegasm.

Male and female arousal.Though breast and nipple orgasms are more likely in women, men also get aroused by nipple stimulation. Nipple play is for everyone and can cause an orgasm or better a genial orgasm in both sexes. It’s worth a shot for both sexes.

Full body sex. Those who are likely to orgasm from nipple stimulation are more likely to have an open mind about full body sex. The thought that your entire body is involved in sexual acts is the attitude needed to achieve a really powerful nipplegasm.

What happens when nipples are stimulated. With some people, oxytocin is released in their brain when the nipple is stimulated. The oxytocin release causes vaginal contractions and genital blood flow. This is what causes an orgasm.

You must be easily aroused. Some people don’t feel anything from sex that isn’t purely genital. Some people don’t have sensitive nipples at all. If you feel aroused easily and are sensitive to touch, a nipplegasm may be easier for you.

Hands on. Flicking, rubbing and slight squeezing does it for some people. Those who prefer rougher stimulation might prefer stimulation by hand. You can also use soft fabric or accessories to stimulate the nipples by hand. Play around with texture and see how your partner responds.

Oral stimulation. The most common way to nipplegasm is through oral stimulation. Sucking, nibbling and using tongue tricks is an effective way to a nipplegasm. Moving in soft circles with your tongue and stroking the nipple does the trick.

Ask for advice. If you don’t know how your partner likes their nipples stimulated, ask them to show you. Everyone has nipples, so they can show you on your own nipples and you can recreate the motion on theirs. Plus, nipple stimulation feels good to most people, so going back and forth could be fun.

Heat up the bedroom. Blowing warm air on the nipple or using warm water to stimulate the nipple can make a nipplegasm much more intense. Heat increases blood flow, making an orgasm easier to achieve. It feels amazing. Try it in the shower.

Keep them hydrated. Dry skin on the nipple makes them a much less sensitive region. Rough skin can make them less sensitive to touch and oral stimulation and way less likely to help you nipplegasm. So, moisturize the area so your skin won’t be dry.

Treat your nipples with sensitivity. Your nipples may become less sensitive if they’re handled roughly. Rough fabrics, towel drying them after a shower or having them nibbled too hard could dry them out and make them less likely to get you a nipplegasm.

Aim for above. Nipples aren’t the only part of the breast area that can cause an orgasm. The space right above the areola is proven to be similarly sensitive. Stimulating that area can have the exact same effects, so move around a bit.

Nipplegasms can happen fast. “Sure enough, after maybe three minutes of licking, sucking, and some gentle biting, it happened! We felt a great sense of accomplishment afterwards, and I encourage all couples too experiment and try to reach the elusive nipplegasm,” an anonymous reddit user shared. With sensitive nipples, it can happen faster than a regular orgasm.

Double stimulation. Reddit user blipblap explains how he combines nipple stimuation with clitoral stimulation, “If you lightly lick or stroke each nipple, one at a time, back and forth, at the rate of about 2Hz, do that for a minute or two and then get her to come while doing that all the way through (have her get herself to come or you’re going down on her at the same time), she’ll have an insane, earth-shattering orgasm. Something about bilateral stimulation. It sometimes works on me (guy) too.”

Birth control may increase nipple sensitivity. An anonymous reddit user shared, “For the longest time, my nipples had almost no sensitivity, no matter how aroused I was. I’m 29 and recently got on birth control, and wow, such a difference. It’s like I got a new set of boobs. They are sooo sensitive now. Just today, in fact, I got off just brushing my nipples through the fabric of my teeshirt. It was amazing.” Hormonal changes can increase breast sensitivity.

A sensitive spot. Nipples are one of the most sensitive spots on our bodies. They are generally a spot of sexual interest, so it’s no wonder that these two things combined make it possible for people to orgasm form nipple stimulation alone.


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