Dirty Talk Texting Advice- How To Talk Dirty The Right Way


Ever wondered how you can showcase your slutty flirty side to your opposite sex using dirty talks the right way? Stop wondering and know how to talk dirty by checking out these tips that will help you do it to make them turn on in the right way and love you EVEN MORE!!!

 Right Way
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Initiate with Easy Phrases

Start it slowly with words like ‘Mmmm’, ‘Ohhh’, ‘Yes’ and others. In such cases, I’d prefer the girl to use ‘Mmmm’ as it has a mysterious feel to it. Build your confidence and then go ahead.

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Talk Dirty with Two Word Phrases

Once you are done moaning and breathing in addition to using easy phrases like Mmmm or Ohhh, what else should you say to motivate your man? You can give him two-word compliments to let him know that he’s doing it right. You can utter words such as ‘Wow’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Yeah Baby’, ‘Faster’, ‘Go Deeper’, ‘ Keep Going’, etc. to motivate him to work harder.

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Talk Dirty with Longer Phrases

As time passes by, switch to longer phrases. The single word phrase was to initiate the dirty talk; the two-word compliments were for building momentum and now is the ultimate conclusion. Let him know what he means to you with phrases like “You feel so good, baby”, “I love you on the top”, “I wish we could do this all night long”, “I just want you to keep dominating me”, “Feeling you inside makes me wanna stay like this forever”, “I want to feel you deep”, etc. to let him know that you loved having sex with him.

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Though, you don’t meet your man only on the bed, right? You have a life; he has a life. However, how can make him remember you every time? ANSWER: Texting! Keep sending him a flirty dirty message now and then. Follow these tips for both men and women to talk dirty on the smartphone:



A message like “You look hot tonight” or “You look sexy today” can make the opposite person feel really good.

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Send Him A Slutty Message

Exclusive for girls, do you even know how much the man thinks about you if you send him a text like “I wish I could give you some attention with my mouth if it was not for my stupid meeting” or “I’m really turned on right now, wish you were with me”? In fact, try it and send me a thanks message in the comments section.

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Send Her ‘I Love You’ To Show How Much You Love Her

Girls are elementary. They want their guy to love them every second of their life. Give them what they want, boy.

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