16 Things You Face As An Adult If You’ve Been A Victim Of Childhood Abuse


When growing up, the raising that we have received is much connected to us when we grow as an adult. And I, being a victim of childhood emotional abuse, along with all of those people like me know that we have certain behaviors that separate us from the rest.

Like other children, I’ve never had a happy-go-lucky childhood. When some kids were busy visiting their grandparents in their summer vacations, I used to sit in one corner of the house and cry like a baby. When my fellow classmates used to go to the shops for buying those toys, I was busy taking care of my little sister, she was the only toy I had at that time.

You may not believe but when other children of my age were busy playing in the garden, I was being forced into something else although what happened to me and many other kids have definitely changed their way of living as an adult. And to all those people out there, I wanna say just one thing, by a sheer understanding of where the other person is coming from or having a better understanding can make a lot of difference.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of abuse, you should read further.

#1 Asking questions even when…

You know all the answers, you get this habit of asking so many questions. If you’ve been criticized, you may have a habit of doubting yourself even when you know you are right. And this is the reason you find yourself asking a million questions.

#2 Repeatedly saying sorry!

You have a habit of constantly saying sorry even when you know that it’s not your mistake. The victims of child abuse think that they can’t-do anything right. So they apologize very frequently.

#3 Self-doubt

When you have lived in a childhood that was full of chaos, you get used to this feeling of self-doubt. Even when you are right at times, you still doubt on your abilities.

#4 Being extremely sensitive

People who have faced child abuse have had bad days back then. And by the days they reach their adulthood, they become sensitive to their own feelings as well as other’s feeling.

#5 Doubting others

You generally don’t have the habit of easily trusting others as soon as others do on you. There is always this element of doubt on others in your mind.

#6 Extra conscious

You are conscious every now and then as you always fear that something bad might happen.

#7 Sensitivity to noise

Victims of abuse may be sensitive to loud noises if they’ve been raised in fear. This generally happens because they have been yelled at in their childhood and they associate loud noise with abuse.

#8 Introvert by nature

Many abuse victims fear in contacting people and to have a conversation with them about their personal life. They keep a safe distance with people as much as possible.

#9 Attachment issues

These people face attachment issues and fear others leaving them or abandoning them. They either don’t get attached to anyone and once they do, emotional attachment becomes difficult for them.

#10 Issues in getting close to someone

Some people, who have faced abuse have issues in getting close to someone early. They not especially like people. Due to this, getting attached to someone is not that easy for them.

#11 Can’t take other’s compliment

When someone tells you how wonderful you are, you may doubt their words because you generally don’t see yourself as that good.

#12 Self-harming behaviour

Many abused children when they come to their adulthood harm themselves. They feel as if they deserve this.

#13 Mood swings are common

A person who has been abused in childhood get a gush of emotions in a moment. This could be due to the fact that they have been through a number of mixed emotions and hardships.

#14 Phobia of commitment

Committing to people gets hard when you have been hurt so many times. They don’t trust easily someone to settle with them.

#15 Prone to addiction

According to scientists, the victims of abuse often cope with through addictions. These can include drugs, alcohol etc.

#16 And after all this…

The people who have been under abuse in their childhood still stay humble with others. Because no one other than these people understand the pain of being treated badly.

That’s all folks!

For all those survivors of child abuse, I would say just one thing. You are stronger, grateful and a fighter. Stay calm and keep moving.

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