12 Panoramic Photos Gone Terribly Wrong. You Won’t Believe What is At No. 6!



Do not confuse him with Hagrid from Harry Potter! OMG he has three legs?


Ouch! WTF where is your head? That would hurt!


Oh, where did my head go? Has anyone seen it? How is it possible?


I’ve got an extra hand to feed me. LOL It’s like a superpower.


And the award for super kid goes to…!

How many legs he have?


The super arm that feeds many…cats, so I don’t need to stand for anything.


Look at that one girl.. This is what happens when sexes get mixed up.


Where is his face? And We really don’t know what his hands are doing there!


I’ve got two heads. But I’m not sure if two brains. Heart Shape Head… Lolz but Hairstyle is cool!


That’s a happy face down there. WTF is this ?


Dog: “Did I ate too many hot dogs?”

It’s not just a Dog it’s a SuperDog.




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