10 International Films That Got banned in “Most Countries”


The Censor Board of India has often been in the news becasue of its conservative outlook, and it has often been debated whether this behavious of their’s results in any loss to the world of cinematic art or not. Because of the reservations that it holds, several films have faced a hard time in getting the approval of the censor board to be released in India. And this particularly applies to several western films which are more into employing explictily expressive scenes. While many films are finally able to pass the board’s test, there are some that don’t turn out as lucky, and end up getting banned in the country altogether. And here are ten of them.


1. Fifty Shades of Grey


Being the good Indians that the censor board members are, this film was not allowed to be released in India due to its heavy sex-centric scenes.

2. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The explicit scenes that depicted rape and torture led to the movie getting banned in India.

3. Dirty Grandpa

This film was not allowed to be released as the film’s ‘grandpa’ was a sleazy old man – and that’s just not acceptable, is it?

4. Magic Mike XXL

So, here’s a movie that was about male stripping. Well, at least the censor board is not sexist about their decisions – they are just as conservative when it comes to male skin show as they are with female skin show!

5. Get Hard

Now, here’s an example of just how fearful the Censor Board has become – days before its premiere, Warner Brothers decided to simply withdraw their movie’s India release because they were afraid of the kinds of cuts the board would invariably ask them to make, if they ever wish to see their movie go on the Indian floor!

6. Blue Jasmine

The Censor Board insists that every time a character lights up a cigarette, a message needs to be put up on screen, warning against it. But the director, Woody Allen, refused to do so with Blue Jasmine, and that led to the movie not being released in India.

7. Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love

The ‘India is the origin of Kama Sutra’ did not impress the board members who did not allow the film to go on the¬†floor. It was, however, later released with a 2-minute cut of nudity.

8. Water

The film depicted the social challenges that a widow faces. However, even during its shooting, it faced strong opposition from protestors, and the same ensued when it went to the censor board.

9. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

The movie depicted Hinduism in the negative light, which offended many and was hence not allowed to be released in India

10. The Da Vinci Code

Because the film depicted Christianity in the negative light, there was a hue outcry from the Christians in the country to ban it, which was finally done.


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